Gary Pullin Creates Exclusive Art for I Sell The Dead Vinyl

A few months back we announced the exciting news that Deep Focus Records will be issuing an exclusive vinyl edition to the astounding I Sell The Dead score composed by Jeff Grace. As if that wasn't enough, "Ghoulish" Gary Pullin has been commissioned to create exclusive artwork for the release as well. We will be getting you a sneak peak sometime prior to the pre-sale date.

Many of you in the horror film community know Gary well as one of the most respected illustrators in the business, which includes his work for the Tales Beyond The Pale series from Glass Eye Pix. He's also done some unforgettable work on art for the vinyl reissues of They Live (Death Waltz), Re-Animator (Waxwork Records) and Tales From The Crypt (Mondo). 

In addition to the cover art, we will also be releasing a limited edition poster of his work to coincide with the vinyl release. More news will follow soon! As always, hit us up through the contact form if you want to be notified about news first, including the pre-order date for I Sell The Dead. If you already inquired before, you are on our list, but it doesn't hurt to ask again if you want to make sure.

More on Gary Pullin here.