About Deep Focus

Started in Vancouver, Washington (though now in South Florida), the initial plan for Deep Focus Records was hatched with the idea of putting out interesting film scores and soundtracks. After much deliberation, we've decided to scrap having such a strict definition of what we do.

While we may start out with the intent of focusing on the sounds related to movies or television, Deep Focus will be open to whatever interesting opportunities fate decides to bring to our doorstep.

How It All Began...

Jason Knapfel spent several years running Pop Up Records, a small indie label in South Florida, with friends Nick Dominguez and Derick Cordoba. It was an amazing learning experience on the inner workings of the music industry at the cusp of the "digital destruction" of traditional label and band successes.

Fast forward to 2013, after being in the Northwest for three years, Jason finally succumbed to the unrelenting urge to get involved in the music business again.

What will start off as a loving tribute to our favorite music in films and television will surely lead us in directions yet unseen. We hope you enjoy the journey.